Prepare your P-TECHs for the Process Industry.

Discover how your college can partner with Voovio to prepare the next generation of process industry talent through innovative technology.

Our Program

Educate the next generation of talent.

Voovio’s Academic Program allows your college to ensure the development of engineers and technicians at local, state and national level – showing how state of the art digital tools can be deployed and applied in the process industry. Work with us to enable your P-TECH’s to join the industry with higher levels of confidence.

How it works.

Our remote learning program gives your organization exclusive access to our cloud-based Knowledge Automation platform, including:

  • Secure access to all Voovio content
  • Customer success support (training, implementation, Q&A service)
  • Ability to manage user access for students
  • Assign & assess capabilities for testing
  • Competency dashboard to measure knowledge & competency

Why Join

Benefits include:


Leading colleges want to enable their students for the digital reality that awaits them in the process industry, making it easier for them to land jobs at market leaders.

digital fluency.

The process industry is moving away from paper-based processes to use digital innovation. By introducing Voovio during the education process, your students can become pioneers.

Improve industry

With market leaders such as Dupont, BASF & Chevron Phillips also partnering with Voovio, you are joining an ecosystem of process industry innovators.


Join educational leaders.

A growing number of US colleges are joining our program to prepare their talent, ensuring fluency in digital technologies & awareness of the possibilities that new software can provide vs textbooks or flowmaps.

Voovio Partnership with Baton Rouge Commmunity College
Voovio Partnership with River Parishes Commmunity College
Voovio Partnership with Sowela Technical Commmunity College
Voovio Partnership with Vitoria College
Voovio Academic Program Partnership Texas_State_Technical_College

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