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White Paper Voovio Closing the skills gaps in sulphur recovery

Solving the Skills Gap in Sulphur Recovery

The skills gap in the sulphur industry is growing due to the changing nature of the workforce and traditional ways of doing things are no longer working effectively. Knowledge is lost with retiring subject matter experts and other experienced operations staff leaving a reducing pool of SMEs. In this white paper a case study explores how knowledge automation solved the skills gap in a sulphur recovery unit at a major US refinery.

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Whitepaper Voovio Beitriebliche Qualifizierung 4.0 - Susanna - asset (1)

Operational Qualification 4.0

In times of high turnover, the requirements for operational qualification systems for plant operators have changed fundamentally in Germany. The baby boomers are entering their well-deserved retirement. The ‘war for talent’ has broken out at many sites. What’s next, the ‘great resignation’ in Germany? How can operational qualification keep pace with this?

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