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100% of Voovio customers renew their licenses. With a simple implementation process & operators finding the solution extremely easy to use, discover why Voovio is changing the way knowledge is automated in the industry.

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Case Studies

Mitigating the great crew change in 12 plants.

A leading petrochemical firm uses Voovio across 12 plants, reducing the number of unplanned events across their sites.

Results include a 50% reduction in the amount of time required from SMEs, a 30% reduction in time operators are assigned to shift as well as a 50% reduction in overtime required for training.

Improving productivity in chemical plants.

A US based petrochemical company uses Voovio in their utilities units to speed up onboarding, qualification and execution for new staff using digital replicas and SOP simulators. Voovio’s solutions have provided a 471% return on investment in year 1 alone.

Reducing unplanned downtime in refineries.

A leading multinational with refineries in the US uses Voovio to reduce unplanned downtime on loading racks, which were leading to damages and leaks that caused costly repairs. Now, using our platform they can train and assess third party drivers remotely – achieving improved safety, reducing their environmental footprint with a positive impact on their P&L.


ROI Graphics

Proven ROI in 4 areas.

Many more Voovio clients regularly share their stories on how they achieve a return on investment through the Voovio platform, in terms of workforce preparedness, plant productivity, asset availability and avoided environmental fines.

Above you can see anonymized ROI results.

Operator Test Score Distribution

Improving operator competency faster.

Many plants rely on Voovio to enable new operators to learn the job, as well as being assessed and certified. Data from 14 different Voovio customers (above) shows that test scores are significantly higher after using our software, enabling L&D professionals to move away from classroom-based paper experiences to digital solutions that accelerate operator competency much faster than ever before.


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