Beat the “Great Crew Change” with Voovio’s Digital Expert

What is Voovio?

By 2030, 75% of senior SMEs will have retired. Voovio helps prepare your workforce.

Voovio’s technology (recognized by Gartner) uses digital replicas & simulators to enable the process industry to onboard operators more efficiently, reduce downtime, increase productivity & ensure competency faster than ever before.

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Why trust Voovio?

What problems does voovio solve?


Personnel churn, causing a loss of organizational knowledge.


Existing SMEs already pulled in many directions internally.

Slow & inefficient

Difficulties to digitalize the onboarding process for newer operators.

Who uses Voovio?

Plant Managers.

Plant managers use Voovio to ensure the right level of workforce competency, increasing the ROI of the assets they manage, reducing unplanned downtime and avoiding safety and environmental incidents.

Operations Leaders.

Operations leaders use Voovio to increase productivity in their plants, reducing the time needed to execute operations and maintenance standard operating procedures (SOPs) with zero errors.

L&D Professionals.

L&D leaders use Voovio to move away from manual, classroom-based learning, providing a digital platform to ensure efficient, scalable and standardized qualification programs.

ROI Guaranteed

ROI in 4 key areas

Voovio clients regularly share their stories on how they achieve a return on investment through the Voovio platform, in terms of workforce preparedness, plant productivity, asset availability and avoided environmental fines:



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