Knowledge Automation for Logistics.

See how process industry leaders are using knowledge automation to avoid errors in loading & unloading – saving millions of dollars in avoided incidents per year.


Loading & unloading incidents lead to hefty fines.

47% of incidents in loading and unloading in plants are human error related – with 11.5k incidents taking place each year in the US alone. With high staff turnover and wide-ranging levels of skill and competency, trucking and railcars have become a key pain point for operations and logistics professionals in the process industry.

Varying levels of competency

High turnover of staff with very different skill levels, with new hires often starting out in loading and unloading.

Lack of on the job training

Slow & subjective training system based on written SOPs & on the job shadowing leads to a lack of visibility of competency of operators.

Variety of trucks & railcars

The large number of types of railcars & trucks makes the inspection & execution of loading/unloading tasks a challenging mission.

Our Solution

Procedure clarity, delivered.

Voovio’s software uses digital replicas, procedure simulators and a field execution tool (FET) to avoid incidents and fines:

AccessibleEasily ShareableRemote learningRemote evaluationVisual SOP guide

Accessible 24/7/365

Digital replicas provide your real plant on any device, accessible 24/7/365

Easy shareable

Shareable on virtual platforms for operations meetings; rack-up meetings; TAR planning & maintenance.

Remote learning

Learn & practice SOPs remotely with simulators.

Remote evaluation

Assign & assess remotely with our test simulator.

Visual SOP guide

Visual SOP guide to ensure quality execution in the field.


Adopted by market leaders.

Voovio isn’t just another flashy technology solution claiming to make operator onboarding easier. It’s tried & tested by market leaders such as Olin & Chevron Phillips.

What our customers say

“Incidents in loading and unloading are now an area we worry less about. Voovio makes our life easier and we have a new confidence in our drivers as a result.”

Clint Menghini

Operations Superintendent at Calumet Montana Refining


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