How training methods affect workforce performance

With experienced employees retiring and fewer candidates entering the workforce, effective training programs are more crucial than ever. The 2024 Survey of Frontline Employee Training Programs highlights the impact of training methods on workforce performance in manufacturing, revealing numerous challenges to their effectiveness.

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White Paper Voovio Closing the skills gaps in sulphur recovery

Solving the Skills Gap in Sulphur Recovery

There is a growing skills gap in the sulphur industry due to the changing nature of the workforce. Traditional ways of doing things are no longer working effectively. Knowledge is lost with retiring subject matter experts and other experienced operations staff leaving a reducing pool of SMEs. In this article a case study reviews how knowledge automation solved the skills gap in a sulphur recovery unit at a major US refinery.

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Gartner Features Voovio’s Digital Twins as Emerging Operational Tech

Gartner appoints Voovio as a 2023 Tech Innovator

We’re thrilled to share that Voovio has been highlighted as a tech innovator for digital twins in Gartner’s latest report on emerging engineering and operational technologies in May 2023. In this blog post, we explore the potential of digital twins for the industry, and delve into how Voovio’s digital twins are reshaping operations for leading companies across a range of industries.

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