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Opportunities of Onboarding 4.0 in times mass retirements

Operating chemical production equipment is not for beginners – one wrong move can shut down an entire plant. But times of plant operators operating one plant for 20 years are over, a whole generation of experienced workers is about to retire. In this blog article you will find out why now is the right time for a new form of onboarding and what opportunities Onboarding 4.0 offer.

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Whitepaper Voovio Beitriebliche Qualifizierung 4.0 - Susanna - asset (1)

Operational Qualification 4.0

In times of high turnover, the requirements for operational qualification systems for plant operators have changed fundamentally in Germany. The baby boomers are entering their well-deserved retirement. The ‘war for talent’ has broken out at many sites. What’s next, the ‘great resignation’ in Germany? How can operational qualification keep pace with this?

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