Knowledge Automation for Operations.

Find out how operations professionals in the process industry are using technology to avoid incidents; deal with SME retirements & reduce the expense of turnarounds.


Downtime is a trillion dollar problem.

Unplanned downtime costs the process industry $1 trillion per year in lost production & revenues. Operations professionals are under pressure to use technology to take on a range of challenges:


Personnel churn, causing a loss of organizational knowledge.


Practice not consistent with procedures leading to unplanned events.


Incurring huge expenses for plant operations.

Our Solution

Procedure clarity, delivered.

Voovio’s software uses digital replicas, procedure simulators and a field execution tool (FET) to speed up the operator onboarding process:

AccessibleEasily ShareableRemote learningRemote evaluationVisual SOP guide

Accessible 24/7/365

Digital replicas provide your real plant on any device, accessible 24/7/365

Easy shareable

Shareable on virtual platforms for operations meetings; rack-up meetings; TAR planning & maintenance.

Remote learning

Learn & practice SOPs remotely with simulators.

Remote evaluation

Assign & assess remotely with our test simulator.

Visual SOP guide

Visual SOP guide to ensure quality execution in the field.


Adopted by market leaders.

Voovio isn’t just another flashy technology solution claiming to make operator onboarding easier. It’s tried & tested by market leaders such as Dupont & Chevron Phillips.


See how Voovio could work for you