Voovio at Global ManuChem Strategies in Berlin

We’re excited to announce that the Voovio team will be exhibiting and presenting at the Global ManuChem Strategies from 12th – 14th March 2023 taking place in Berlin.

Why attend?

Join the leading business platform for global manufacturing organizations in the chemical industry. The Global ManuChem Strategies brings together more than 300 experts from production, engineering and supply chain. It provides a forum to discuss the current biggest hurdles and best solution approaches with industry experts, network with peers and share ideas on latest technologies and hear best use cases from key industry players. Some of the key topics are:

  • IIoT & Smart Factory: What are the biggest opportunities and pitfalls for Industry 4.0 in chemical manufacturing?
  • Workforce-, & Talent Management: What are best-practices to get all people on boat of the journey and a cross-departmental change management?
  • Energy Efficiency Optimization: What paths do energy efficiency and supply security initiatives take in chemical manufacturing in the coming months?
  • Plant Assessments: How feasible are digital plant assessments and in which new strategies and technologies best to invest?

What will we discuss?

Want to learn how Enhanced Reality can speed up the onboarding of your operators? Then join our presentation at the conference. Dr. Susanna Voges, Director of Operations at Voovio will cover in her presentation:

  • Major workforce challenges related to “the great crew change” still remain largely unsolved.
  • Initiatives to enhance asset availability until now mostly centre around the asset and fail to realize how important the asset–operator interface is.
  • Enhanced reality is a proven solution to dramatically speed up operator onboarding and reduce plant downtime related to operational errors.

In case you can’t make it, you can meet us at our booth.

When does it take place?

12th– 14th March 2023

Where does it take place?

Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin

Want to register? Contact svoges@voovio.com to get your free pass. Looking forward to meet you there!

Voovio to join ManuChem Strategies Berlin