Building Field Operator Competency Remotely in the Process Industry.

Christian McDermott (North America Market Coordinator at Voovio) and Fran Montemurro (Director of Operations at Voovio, previously DuPont) discussed knowledge automation at the Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit 2020.

Francis Montemurro Director of Operations Voovio Seed Group

Director of Operations at Voovio

Christian McDermott

North America Market Coordinator at Voovio

The industry is confronted by increasingly greater challenges and needs new, streamlined methodologies to become even more competitive, while maintaining each site’s right to operate. Now more than ever, the manufacturing plants need remote methods for building field operator competency in procedure execution.
In this on-demand webinar we explored how to build operator competency to prevent environmental releases, ensure efficient startups and shutdowns, safely prepare units for timely TAR activities, and reduce the cost and time related to onboarding and refresher training. We showed how Knowledge Automation helps to transfer knowledge without being on the site, which frees up SMEs to focus on other business priorities. 

Key takeaways of the webinar: 

  • We gave insights how manufacturing plants can build field operator competency remotely 24/365.
  • We also discussed how operators learn their processes or procedures anywhere and don’t need to rely on experienced operators just by using a computer or tablet.
  • We explained how manufacturing plants can implement this on their site and improve results.

To see the whole webinar for yourself, you can watch the video below: