Solving the challenges of loading and unloading with Knowledge Automation.    

In this on-demand webinar, Voovio joined Calumet Montana Refining and discussed how to solve the challenges of loading & unloading operations with the help of knowledge automation.

Webinar Voovio with Calumet

Operations Superintendent at Calumet’s Montana Refining

Francis Montemurro Director of Operations Voovio Seed Group

Director of Operations at Voovio

Christian McDermott

North America Market Coordinator at Voovio

Errors in the loading and unloading process in the petrochemical industry are a multi-million dollar challenge. 
In this on-demand webinar organized by BIC Magazine, we showed how process industry players can increase competency in loading and unloading operations to eliminate regulatory incidents and costly inefficiencies. Voovio was joined by Clint Menghini, Operations Superintendent at Calumet’s Great Falls Refinery to talk about how they successfully implemented our knowledge automation platform to address the challenges of having over 300 trucking companies safely perform loading operations on site.

Key takeaways of the webinar: 

  • We discussed industry challenges associated with railcar and truck loading operations.

To see the whole webinar for yourself, you can watch the video below: