L&D professionals are under pressure to fill the knowledge gap & onboard new operators faster & more efficiently. This challenge has been exacerbated by the pressures of COVID-19. L&D professionals are using technology to prepare for this great crew change, preparing the next generation of operators for a career in the process industry. Voovio’s simulators enable employees to learn, practice and review procedures with high levels of realism, immersion and interactivity. With its total training and assessment solution, manufacturing plants can build and measure their workforce competency on procedures and tasks. Simulator Modules enable: 

  • Guided: walk through procedures with step-by-step assistance, similar to a virtual SME.
  • Learn: empower users with more control and decision-making in this competency building module.
  • Refresh: the perfect refresher tool for reviewing a procedure before execution in the field.
  • Test: assign users with practice or real tests on procedures or tasks. Real-time feedback is captured and saved in our cloud hosted Assign & Assess environment.

Watch the video of Voovio’s session now: