Operational Readiness: Reacting to Plant Emergencies

In this on-demand webinar, we discussed how to prepare plants for emergencies, whether an emergency caused by a hurricane, prolonged freezing temperatures, or loss of power.

Francis Montemurro Director of Operations Voovio Seed Group

Director of Operations at Voovio

Clint Jeffus Director of Operations at Voovio

Director of Operations at Voovio

Christian McDermott North America Market Coordinator at Voovio

North America Market Coordinator at Voovio

This session looked at how operators can be prepared for unplanned events such as extreme weather events, loss of a utility or other emergencies.

Key takeaways of the webinar: 

  • We talked about most common incidents. Clint stated that “According to CCPS half of process safety incidents occur during startups , shutdowns and other events that occur infrequently”.
  • Clint also explained why dealing with unplanned events has become even more challenging nowadays: “There are a few factors currently in play that make these issues even more difficult than they have been in the past”.
  • We discussed how plants can respond to this: “The challenge in the industry is: How do you prepare the organization for those procedures, those infrequent, abrupt events that will happen?”, asked Fran and shared actionable insights.
  • We gave insights on why operators need the right technology to manage process upsets correctly during unplanned events and how it can help them to practice, demonstrate proficiency, and feel more confident in managing these events per established procedures.

To see the whole webinar for yourself, you can watch the video below: