The Future of Field Operations in the Process Industry.

In this on-demand webinar, Christian McDermott (North America Market Coordinator for Voovio) & Fran Montemurro (VP Operations at Voovio, previously DuPont) joined Oil & Gas IQ to explore how simulation technology is used in field operations in 2021 & beyond.

Francis Montemurro Director of Operations Voovio Seed Group

Director of Operations at Voovio

Christian McDermott

North America Market Coordinator at Voovio

A growing number of process industry players are turning to simulation technology in 2021 to increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve safety. In this on-demand next webinar we joined Oil & Gas IQ to explore how global companies are using Digital replicas and procedure simulators for field operators to reduce unplanned downtime. Whether you work for a refinery, chemical or other process manufacturer, this webinar offers valuable insights you can begin using immediately.

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • We explored examples of unplanned events related to lack of standardization or knowledge of the process & how these can be prevented with more effective competency building.
  • We discussed how digital knowledge capture and transfer can be implemented for field operations with ease — driving quick wins.
  • We gave insights how procedure clarity is a root cause in poor operator performance.
  • We also looked from a manager’s perspective at how to manage and implement digital solution implementations for field operators.

To see the whole webinar for yourself, you can watch the video below: