Digital Learning Transformation Trends 2021.  

In this on-demand webinar, Brett Kedzierski (Head of Learning Strategy & Innovation at Shell), Christian McDermott & Pat Hardee (Voovio’s North America team) discussed key trends in digital learning transformation for field operations in the process industry.

Webinar Voovio and Shell Digital Learning Transformation Trend

Head, Shell Learning Strategy & Innovation

Christian McDermott

North America Market Coordinator at Voovio

Senior Director at Voovio

Poor operating practices, failure to operate the equipment or process in limits, inconsistencies in shifts due to capability issues are some of the reasons for downtime losses. These challenges have been even exacerbated by the recent pandemic. A growing number of process industry players are already transforming their learning processes for field operators to increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve safety.
In this on-demand webinar we joined Shell to explore how to realize the digital learning transformation for field operations in the process industry. 

Key takeaways of the webinar: 

  • We took a look at why the Evolution of the Work Environment matters.
  • We examined Trends in Driving New Thinking & Action beyond 4.0 to 5.0.
  • We looked at real examples of how the improper completion of critical procedures can lead to unplanned downtime, environmental releases or safety incidents & how digital learning transformation can resolve these challenges.
  • We discussed how to transform learning and development in field operations, particularly the process of Knowledge Automation related to people site’s specific expertise.
  • We gave insights about plant environments: Plant Piorities, Needs, Challenges and Solutions such as Enhanced Reality and Procedure Simulations.

To see the whole webinar for yourself, you can watch the video below: