Voovio at the RefComm in Galveston, TX from 8 – 12 May 2023

We’re excited to announce that the Voovio team will be exhibiting and presenting at the RefComm from 8th – 12th May 2023 taking place in in Galveston, TX.

Why attend?

Join refiners from around the globe at the world’s leading technical conference for the refining industry. You will have the chance to share operational experience and best practices with 100s of refining professionals and discuss challenges and trends around training, safe unit operation, and production optimization within the delayed coking, fluid catalytic cracking, and sulfur production & processing units. It’s a five-day event, consisting of two days of training in the delayed coking unit, three days of technical presentations, an exhibition hall, breakout discussion groups, and networking.

What will we discuss?

The process industry has been blessed with an abundance of software and technology solutions that have transformed the way assets are managed and maintained. This has been very successful. However, the industry requires ‘people’ to operate and maintain these assets, and no matter how reliable or automated these assets are, people need to perform procedures on these assets to ensure effective and efficient production. The industry faces many ‘people’ challenges including attracting and retaining skilled workers, dealing with the loss of equipment and procedure knowledge from experts retiring or general employee turnover, and upskilling workers quickly and effectively. Join our presentation to learn how Knowledge Automation can solve the Skills Gap Challenges in Sulfur Recovery:

  • When? Coming soon
  • Who? Christian McDermott, Global Market Coordinator at Voovio Technologies
  • Where? Sulfur Hall

In case you can’t make it, you can meet us at our booth.

When does it take place?

8th– 12th May 2023

Where does it take place?

Galveston, TX.

You can register here. Looking forward to meet you there!

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