WEBINAR – 9th March 2023, 2pm (UAE)

Shaping the next
generation of field talent: A Study of Industry Training.

Join us for an exclusive webinar in partnership with Oil Review Middle East to discuss the risks that the operator knowledge gap will pose to oil & gas companies and refining companies in the Middle East and how Knowledge Automation can bridge these challenges.


Sales Director – MENA Region

What will we discuss?

Plants in the Middle East are facing major challenges caused by the ever-growing skills gaps due to retirements, turnover & expansion. But retaining and growing specialized workforce is key to ensure operational excellence.
In this interactive virtual session in partnership with Oil Review Middle East we will cover this highly relevant and critical topic to discuss new solutions and approaches to overcome workforce challenges and shape the next generation of field talent. Our panel of experts have many personal stories and feel passionate about this topic. We will cover:

  •  A case study on how the world’s top plants are leveraging knowledge automation to bridge the ever-growing knowledge gap.
  • Critical insights on the impact of undocumented knowledge and generalisations on operational efficiencies.
  • Expert strategies on how to maintain operational discipline and productivity during workforce turnover.
  • How to drive efficiencies across the lifecycle of your business by proactively implementing automated knowledge.

We expect this to be an extremely popular event. Please join us and ensure you have some questions prepared to ask our experts.


Thursday, 9th March at 2 pm (UAE)

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