P-Tech Institutions – A Valued Arm of The Industry.

The Great Crew Change, has caused a significant skill deficit in the Petrochemical and Refining industries. Up to 50% of large oil and gas players’ workforce will retire in the next few years, which requires  companies to capture their key knowledge. A major industry strategy is to transform P-Tech programs to meet both industry existing and emerging needs through the application of digital technologies.

Voovio White paper: PTech Institutions – a Valued Arm of Industry.

What’s Inside?

The Petrochemical and Refining industries are faced by the challenge of bridging the gap between an older experienced generation of employees and the future generation of operators and SMEs joining the plants. One significant industry strategy that has been deployed for both containing and improving the current situation is to task the P-Tech institutions to be more effective and efficient in turning out higher numbers of competent P-Techs.

In this white paper, Ron Lee (previously DuPont, now Vice President of Operations North America at Voovio) explores:

  • What the main industry’s challenges are and how to react to them
  • How to counteract the deficits due to the Great Crew Change
  • What the P-Tech Programs are and how they can turn out more competent P-Techs
  • Which influence the P-Tech Programs have on the industry

….and much more. Download the white paper today to see how this might help react to mass retirements and improving your onboarding process.

Who is it from?

This white paper was written by Ron Lee, Vice President of Operations in North America at Voovio. With more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Ron has gained significant expertise in multiple sites at DuPont. He has worked in different positions such as corporate director, plant manager, operations unit manager and global business director.

Ron Lee Voovio

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