Gartner acknowledges Voovio’s Digital Twins

Gartner acknowledges Voovio's Digital Twins

We are pleased to announce that Voovio’s technology has once again been recognized by Gartner, one of the world’s leading technology analysts. In their research, Voovio’s Digital Twin technology was featured as a leading provider in the category of the Discrete Digital Twin of the Person.

Why does this matter?

Aggregating data into an increasingly holistic picture of the individual enables the technology provider to optimize business value. This covers a wide range of goals, addressing the impact of health monitoring, employee safety, travel or finance and commercial services.

Gartner anticipates that digital twin enabling software and services will reach $150 billion in global revenue by 2030, compared to $9 billion in 2021. In particular the revenue of discrete digital twins of the person is expected to reach early majority adoption in 2024 when it will reach a market volume of $10 billion.

What is a Digital Twin?

Gartner defines a digital twin as a dynamic virtual representation of an entity such as an asset, person or process to support business objectives. At a minimum, the elements of the digital twin include the model, data, unique one-to-one mapping, and monitorability. These elements work with a corresponding software platform.

Going further, a digital twin of the person reflects a near real-time synchronized multiple representation of the individual in both digital and physical space. This digital instantiation continuously intertwines, updates, influences, and represents the person across multiple use cases, scenarios, experiences, personas, and software tools.

The life cycles of digital twins can range drastically, from months in the case of some people or consumer product digital twins to decades in the case of composite or organizational digital twins.

How does Voovio use Digital Twins?

Voovio uses Digital Twins to represent real-life process environments helping employees in the process industry to learn, practice and review procedures with high levels of realism, immersion and interactivity. By capturing digital replicas and operating procedures Voovio’s Enhanced Reality Technology helps the industry improve their safety, workforce competency, day-to-day operations and onboarding. Voovio’s technology is the only photographic simulator technology with continuous navigation capability and interactivity, made of 2D photographs. 

If you would like to see more about Gartner’s predictions for Digital Twins and how Voovio’s technology contributes to this, you can visit Gartner’s website for more information.