Voovio featured by Gartner in Oil & Gas Hype Cycle 2022

Voovio featured by Gartner in Oil & Gas Hype Cycle

We are pleased to announce that Voovio has been featured once again by Gartner (one of the world’s leading research and advisory firms) referencing our platform as a leading technology in the Oil & Gas Hype Cycle 2022.

Why does this matter?

Disruptive forces, such as rapid demand growth, inflation and geopolitical crises continue to reshape the oil, gas and energy industries. Companies are asked to make fast pivots in their business strategies and expand the scale of digital innovations to drive efficiency, transform operations and achieve operational excellence. Facing this challenge, companies use Gartner’s Hype Cycle to align technology investments with strategic business goals – and in this case Voovio has been featured as a key technology to support in the mobility area in the Oil & Gas industry.

What does it mean for Voovio customers?

Voovio has been recognized for helping its customers to solve some of the biggest challenges in the industry. In this research, Gartner looks at different technologies for different disruptive forces exerting pressure on the industry, in which Voovio’s reference relates to the area of mobility. This is a stamp of approval for industry leaders who are considering using Voovio, or who are already reshaping the way they bridge the growing skills gap in the industry.

Gartner defines mobility as the integrated application of software, hardware and connectivity to improve the productivity of workers by presenting relevant information, offering decision support, enabling remote workflows, and facilitating real-time collaboration irrespective of location. Mobility is beginning to include virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. This is something we are doing for a wide range of use cases across training, L&D, logistics, maintenance and operations – as you can see here.

Where does the industry stand?

Over the last few years, the market for mobile products and technologies has matured substantially. Investments in mobility are increasing in an effort to improve employee productivity, customer experience, increase safety, achieve fewer errors, greater flexibility, fewer mundane tasks and a happier workforce.

If you would like to see more about Gartner’s predictions and how Voovio’s technology contributes to this, you can visit Gartner’s website for more information.

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